by Susan DiMickele


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Welcome – Getting Started!

Each participant is responsible for purchasing their own book.


After reading the pages assigned for the week post your comments and reflection on the page for the week. The Pages are accessible on the right gray panel.

If possible read the assigned pages by Thursday and post reflections and comments to others’ reflections on Thursday through Sunday!

You may comment on one or more of the questions and/or chapters! There is quite a variety; therefore don’t feel compelled to answer or post comments to every chapter!

We hope you enjoy the on line class and please call Ann if you have any questions, 513-252-6408!

Example Discussion Schedule and Topics

Week of July 11th – Chapters 1 – 3  (pages 1 – 64)

Week of July 18th – Chapters 4 – 9 (pages 65 – 122)

Week of July 25th – Chapters 10 – 12 (pages 137 – 176)

Week of August 1st – Chapters 13 +  (pages 177 – 222)

Join Susan and other working moms in our on line book discussion, Chasing Superwoman. She looks at our busy lives (family, work, children, etc.) with faith and humor!  Exchange thoughts and ideas about our complex lives and living out faith amid the unprecedented demands placed upon daily life.

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Browse the discussion questions available for chapters 1-3 via the page links above or in the gray side bar. Relax and enjoy reading; we are a very casual group.

I hope to meet you in the on line discussion!