In The 7 Great Prayers, you will learn a simple and powerful way to attract blessings into your life through the power of praying the 7 Great Prayers. These life-changing prayers provide strength and inspiration to help meet life’s challenges, including:

  • Purpose and Direction in your life
  • Health Concerns
  • Relationship Challenges
  • Financial Worries

The Right Book for the Right Time

Paul and Tracey McManus wrote the 7 Great Prayers out of their own experience with financial and personal hard times. In the wake of the dot-com bust, they had lost their jobs, their savings had evaporated, and they were losing their home. One sleepless night, scared and nearly paralyzed by fear, they laid in bed and prayed a simple, spontaneous prayer. They thanked God for the blessings in their lives focusing on what they had – their health, each other, three beautiful children – rather than on all that they were losing and had lost.

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